GarageTek Storage Solutions for Cramped Spaces

Owning a car is one thing and being able to maintain it, is another. Any car lover would prefer having a garage or a well-organized space where they can store all their car and garage accessories, saving them from external damage and prolonging their life. However, knowing the basic home garage storage solutions depends on several factors like space, accessibility, etc. Also, knowing what to include and what not to include in your garage is significant. Let us look at some storage solutions that can help organize your compact garage spaces.

  • Cabinets & stack bins- There are many smaller accessories that you might just lose if you don’t store them in a proper storage cabinet or stack bin. Plastic storage bins can help you sort hooks, pegboards, and other equipment. Similarly, the wooden cabinets provide a relief when it comes to stacking and organizing the auto lubricants, fluids etc.
  • Wall panels- There is nothing to worry if you are someone with a small and compact-space garage. Utilize the wall spaces to make room for storing more items. Mounting hooks, brackets, baskets, wall clips, hang rails, etc., with the help of studs lets you cram more stuff. There are several PVC slatwall panels for storing hanging accessories. Wall panels impart a clean and a finished look.
  • Overhead garage storage systems –Utilize the wasted space in your garage by fixing bins and shelves onto the ceilings. Make the most of the space and save your time and money. You can keep all the seasonal items in these.
  • Corner garage shelves- Apart from fixing the shelves on various other obvious spots of your garage, you can fix a corner shelf using plywood. The corner spaced shelves are ideal for storing items such as oils, sprays, waxes, polishes which you might not find in the larger shelves. There are several options in shelves, the best being the space-saving sliding shelves. These are available in a variety of materials- right from wire shelving, steel shelving to plastic ones.
  • Wall tool holders & storage tubes- Garages can be the best place to store any just tools and equipment used for fixing your car, but many other, for instance- sports equipment, gardening tools, etc.
  • Heavy-duty racks-Any garage is incomplete without featuring racks for heavy-duty tools and equipment. Be it the bulky wheels, the heavy wooden planks, or any metal and alloy tool, these sturdy racks will never disappoint. There are racks for bikes and other sports gears too.

There are many ways to upgrade your garages and personalize them as per your want. However, apart from the storage solutions, keeping the floor clean and fixing your doors and window locks too is necessary to keep things sorted and safe from any damage.

At GarageTek one gets to access an array of equipment for improved home garage storage solutions. Few GarageTek accessories that can make a huge difference in maintaining your garage. Few specifically engineered products are only available at GarageTek. Even though it is the world of DIY crafts, the trend of conventional garage storage systems will never fade away.