Innovative Garage Flooring Solutions

The garage is one of the most useful, yet neglected part of our home. We use it to store tools and accessories and for making repairs to the automobile without paying any attention to the plain concrete floor that takes all the brunt of stains, oil damage, and what not. The GarageTek flooring options not only make the floor resistant to such damage, but also give it a good look.

GarageTek offers two main types of garage flooring: ProTek Floor Tiles and ProTek Floor Coatings.

ProTek Garage Floor Tiles:

Easy to install and durable enough for long-term use, the ProTek floor tiles for garage float above the floor to prevent water trapping and the resultant accumulation of mold and mildew. These plastic tiles are specially developed to be slip resistant and stain resistant and make use of a six-point interlock system for a secure installation. The tiles are textured to provide maximum traction and are available in a number of colors, allowing you to create patterns of your choice.

Not only can these floor tiles cover the stained concrete floor of your garage, but also protect it from the further damage while making it a bit more secure and easy to clean. And, the best thing is you can move or replace the tiles anytime you want.


ProTek Garage Floor Coatings:

GarageTek has introduced a commercial-grade garage floor coating for the residential market. When the standard floor coatings like paint and epoxy just lay as an added layer on the top of the concrete floor, the ProTek floor coatings bond into the pores of the floor to saturate the concrete and prevent any flaking or peeling.

As an added benefit over the standard epoxy coatings, ProTek coatings can be installed in a single day during any season and is four times more abrasive resistant. These coatings are resistant to oils, stains, and gasoline, and have 100% UV resistance. So, you just get them installed once and they won’t fade or become yellowish.

The ProTek garage is one of the best garage floor coating options and can also be used for vertical surfaces including drywall, wood, metal, and concrete. You can take your pick from the several finishes and textures and either go with the standard look or create custom patterns and logo.

The environmentally friendly installation process makes these coatings ready to walk on in 2-4 hours and drive on in just 24 hours.

Garage After Flooring
Garage After Flooring

How to Decide?

Both GarageTek flooring tiles and coatings are specially engineered for residential use and to prevent your garage floor from stains and damages. ProTek floor tiles are the better choice if you like to renew the look of your garage once in a while. GarageTek even offers game board tiles including shuffleboard, hopscotch, and chess and checkers. But if you want a classy look that never fades away, ProTek floor coatings are the ones you should go for.